14 Ways To Get Free Postage And Envelopes
  1. Weigh mail carefully. Never try to guess the weight of letters and parcels. (You'll probably over-estimate the weight!) The money you save is the same as getting free postage for other uses.
  2. Buy postal cards from your Post Office. Rubber stamp, write or type your message on the back. Or, have the cards printed. Post cards travel as first class for about 1/3rd less than a regular letter. This is the same as getting free postage and envelopes.
  3. Use 3rd class mail for letters weighing over one once. The saving is almost one-third at present...free postage for better uses.
  4. Investigate 4th class "Book Rates".. Certain printed materials can be sent for considerably less this way. Pocket this as free postage.
  5. Use "Bulk Rate" postage. By buying a permit number & paying an annual fee, you can reduce almost half when mailing at least 200 identical pieces at the same time. Get details from your Post Office. The "free postage" allows you to mail almost twice as much for the same cost.
  6. Use "Pre-Cancelled" stamps. Same as #5 above, but you do not have to purchase a "Bulk Rate" permit number. This gives you MORE "free postage".
  7. Request a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) in all your advertised offers. You then get both free stamps and envelopes for the return trip!
  8. Use paid "mailers" to distribute your sales materials. Your costs are then reduced considerably...like getting free postage and envelopes.
  9. Print your own adsheet. You can make money, get free advertising and your readers do most of the mailing, (Free postage & envelopes). Read "How To Publish A $$$-Making Adsheet"-Just $1 from above publisher.
  10. Establish An "Exchange Mail Program". Tell other dealers you will mail a certain quantity of their circulars if they will send out a like amount of yours.. Include their circulars with your regular outgoing mail.. You cut your expenses...like getting free envelopes and postage.
  11. Print both sides of your circulars. You can then get twice as many offers in the same envelope for the identical amount of postage, as you could if you printed your circulars on one side only.. This is the same as getting twice as much postage at half the cost...free postage.
  12. Consider United Parcel Service.. UPS makes fast, safe deliveries within the United States. Air shipments of parcels generally cost less than USPS parcel post. Put these savings in your piggy bank as free postage.
  13. Offer a freebie, such as a 1-page report everyone will want to read. (It will cost you only 3 cents to 4 cents to print!) Run ads offering the report "FREE for a SASE & loose 1st class stamp". Fill orders will the free report plus some of the regular offers. You get free stamps and envelopes, and your materials travel free also. Plus, you also receive a free stamp for a future follow-up mailing!
  14. Eliminate envelopes for mailing 8 1/2" x 11" circulars. Add a blank sheet of paper to the outside of the packet and fold in half. Fasten with a staple. No envelopes are required...free envelopes for other purposes.

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