How To Make A Feature Movie

Earn While You Learn

by Daniel Francis Eggink

Would youlike to know how to make a commercial quality 90 minute feature motion picture in your own home or office with the cast of your choosing?

It all starts with a story.

Step one: Put it in writing.

  1. Make an outline, beginning, middle and end.
  2. Cast of characters. The smaller the cast the easier to produce.
  3. Choose locations.
  4. File copyright with library of congress

Step two: Make a Budget

  1. Do inventory of available equipment
    1. Computer,
    2. DVD recorder,
    3. Digital camcorder
    4. Editing program - Recommended editing program "Final Cut Pro"
  2. Pick your Crew.
    1. Executives,
    2. Talent,
    3. Technicians,
  3. Production schedule, Weekends are best for equipment rental.

Our award winning feature "Throwing Down" was produced in 1995 for less than $300,000

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About the Author

Daniel Eggink has worked on films with large and small budgets. He is now in a partnership with television and film producer Ted Jessup see

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