How To Get #1 Spot in Yahoo

How To Get To The Top Of Your Category In Yahoo

by Brian Timlin

Before you register your domain name there are a few things to consider which will be later important to how much traffic you recieve from the search engines and directories.

Even if you are promoting an affiliate program you need to get your own domain name so you'll have an address in promoting your product, service or information.

First you need to know that there is a difference between Directories and Google. Yahoo is the most popular directory and sorts by categories and name.

Google sorts by keywords, title, content, links to your site and loads more things, too much to get into here.

So your domain name needs to be tailored to both to get you maximium exposure from each place you submit it and also to let your audience know what you have to offer.

Here are the points to consider in buying your domain name:

  1. Make sure you buy a .com name, they are more respected by both consumer and the search engines positioning.
  2. Think of popular keywords people will search related to your product and try to incorporate them into your domain name.
  3. Look up what the most popular keywords are at
  4. Make a list of fifty of the most popular in order of popularity and make at least five domain names out of three to five of the most popular.
  5. Now before you go to buy one of these domains consider how Yahoo and other directories sort the categories by name, they do it alphabetically, and numbers come before this and punctuation marks and symbols come even before this.
  6. So go to Yahoo and search your most popular keyword and try to get the first category that appears if possible, then see what your names will have to start with to top the list, and tweak them accordingly.
  7. For example if you sell antique cars it might look like etc. after you have tweaked it from
  8. Now you are ready to purchase your domain name, I recommend Dotster for this. One final thought about Yahoo is to register your business name with Dotster (or whoever you purchase your domain name with) to be the same as your domain name.
  9. Yahoo check this to see if they are the same, otherwise they might not list you. For example for the above you would register 1Stop Antique Car Sale as the registrant of the domain.
  10. Submit your site to Yahoo and get listed.

When all this is done you will to get excellent exposure and will get a lot of targeted traffic from this source.

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