Common Sense Online-Marketing

by Hans Klein

Are you struggling with how to promote your online business?

Online promotion can be difficult, but it is not rocket science...if you only use common sense.

Many entrepreneurs are drawn to Internet by the promise of instant money, but once they waste their money getting started and don't see any money coming in, they become discouraged.

Does this sound familiar?

I know it sounds familiar to me. I started out on the Internet with get-rich- quick multi-level-marketing opportunities. After making a grand total of $0 and spending hundreds of dollars, I was ready to give up.

Then I took the time to do some thinking, "Why would online marketing be any different than real world marketing?

  1. The people are the same.
  2. You must do the research to learn how to promote your business.
  3. The first try usually does not work. You must test, test, and test again. Remember the saying, " If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again."

So, I applied these common sense observations of the real world to online marketing. Now I am making a profit online and have a rapidly growing ezine list.

-How do you apply simple observations into making money?

Let me explain:

  1. Since the people are the same, you must relate to them. Do this by building a relationship with your customer. Now, this does not mean you have to talk to them person-to-person all the time (that's best part about the Internet). What it means is you write directly to your customer. Write about yourself and put yourself in the shoes of your customer. A great way to do this with many people at once is to create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ezine. (An ezine is a publication with helpful, tips, strategies and can be about practically anything.) Remember, "If people trust you, then they will buy from you."
  2. Sometimes I just hate doing research. It's tedious and boring, but I know it must be done... It keeps you ahead of your competitors, saves you tons of money, and helps you start making money fast with ideas on how to get started. The most widespread reason people are not making money online is their unwillingness do their homework. If you don't do your homework, then you just have to make mistakes the hard way and that involves wasting a lot of your money.

    -Where can I research Internet promotion?

    The resources are countless. Just do a simple search on a search engine on what your looking for, and, chances are, you will see several websites with exactly what you are looking for.

    -How do you know a resource is credible?

    Just ask yourself some simple questions:

    Are there lots of testimonials? (At least 10). You may find a great resource with no testimonials, but the more testimonials a site has, the more customers it has, and the longer it has been established.

    Do you know what the site is for in 30 seconds? If not, the owner is probably a little confused himself on the subject. I see new people to Internet all the time with no clue what they are doing, and it shows on their website.

    Does it make sense? If the author does not explain well enough, move on to somebody who does explain well. The Internet marketing market is full of great writers.
  3. The third time is a charm, but you must go through the first and second time before you reach the third. Testing advertisements, new store designs, and products are very important in the real world and that does not change on the Internet. Always test you headlines, advertisements, website copy, and product ideas before going on a major promotional spending spree.

The Internet is in the real world, and so the same common sense rules apply to Internet marketing. The only difference between the Internet and other marketing tools is that the Internet is opening amazing opportunities to:

Good Luck!

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