What Kind Of Success Pictures Are You Making?

by Jan Tincher

When you are doing a project, do you have a clear image or picture in your mind of the successful result you want to achieve?

Look at your picture. Do you get the feeling the goal has ALREADY been achieved? Does your picture say, *YES, I did it!*?

If not, change your submodalities. Submodalities are things like how close the picture is to you, is there a smell or scent in the picture, is there movement or sound in the picture -- things that you can change around to suit you. Rearrange things in that picture to make it feel SUCCESSFUL.

Let's start by experimenting.

How about if you bring the success picture you've made in your mind closer. After you've done that, push it farther away. Test your reactions to the distance the picture is from you to see which works best for you. For some, the closer it gets the more successful they feel. For others, it's the opposite. Which one works for you? Not only what works for you, but what makes you FEEL more successful -- if it's success you're after. If you're after love, or peace, or whatever, make sure each submodality supports that feeling.

How about if you give it more color? Now, give it less color. Now, brighter color. Now, duller. Test your reactions to the picture to see which worked best for you.

How about if you put movement, taste, smell in the picture to give it more appeal? Experiment with each of them, putting more, lots more, less, lots less in your picture until you come up with the perfect combination.

Work with it until each submodality is right for you.

Now, if that picture tells you you've already achieved your goal, you will feel successful, just by looking at the picture. If you don't feel successful, rearrange things again until it works. After all, who's in control here? You, right?

One thing you need to know for sure is, if you don't FEEL successful, you won't BE successful.

We all make pictures in our minds. Are yours pictures of success or failure?

Who's in control? You are! Who can change the pictures so that you go toward success, instead of toward failure? You can!

How does your picture look now? What kind of pictures are you making in other areas of your life? Change those pictures, too, until you FEEL what YOU want to feel. Good luck!

Thanks for reading.

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