How To Organize And Save Your Marketing Data Accurately

by Detlev Reimer

If you are little bit like me when I started with Internet marketing, you'll often find yourself searching for your special bookmarks or free e-books/articles and software you downloaded.

Being subscribed to more than 20 ezines in the area of Internet marketing, I'm living proof that pieces of information which are really useful to you, can pile up very fast. If you don't have a system how to organize all the resources you've read about or articles you would like to use in the next issue of your ezine, you'll get lost.

It takes some time to prepare the points which I will mention in the next sections of this article but it will be definitely worth it.

1.) Organize Your Harddisk And Directories

If you know how to create partitions (so you don't just have a C: harddisk but you can also have D: , E: etc.) on your harddisk, you should definitely do it. Create a partition called "Marketing" and save all your relevant data into separate folders on this "Marketing" partition.

If this is not possible, create a main directory called "MARKETING" on your harddisk C.

The way I do it is the following : I name my directories in order of importance e.g. 01-Ebooks, 02-My websites, 03-Marketing-Software 04-Web Design-Software etc. Then I create subdirectories within the new folders. This means, in your "Ebooks"-folder create a directory for 01-Copywriting , 02-Viral Marketing , 03-Writing Sales Letters etc.

Every time I save relevant information to my harddisk, I also take care it is saved into the right folder. Conclusionally, if I save an e-book about Copywriting, I save it in the appropriate subfolder which would be e.g. D: 01-Ebooks and then 01-Copywriting and last but not least the file name "copywriting.pdf" .

2.) Organize Your Bookmarks

Perhaps you are doing this already but nevertheless, I want to tell you how to improve the effectiveness of your bookmarks. If you surf the web almost every day looking for useful information, you'll find dozens of web sites to be added on a regular basis.

In this regard , with your bookmarks, you should apply the same principle like described above with your harddisk or you'll never be able to find important bookmarks again. I personally know some "specialists", some friends of mine, who had been saving all their bookmarks on the root directory of their bookmark folder.

When I asked them for a special web site, they didn't remember where they got it....

You'll need at least one main folder "MARKETING" or you'll mess up these bookmarks with your private bookmarks e.g. for sports, hobbies, movies etc. etc. Within this main folder, you should create folders for example: 01-Autoresponders, 02-E- books, 03-Newsletter-Articles, 04-Ezine-Directories.... and the list goes on.

3.) Make regular backups

Do you publish an ezine yourself ? If yes, then you'll know how important it is to save your most important data in regular time intervals. Just imagine your computer crashed and you had lost all the names of your subscribers.....or articles you had pre- pared .

This would be catastrophe in most cases, can you afford this ? You would have to start from zero again. Or another vision.... You just paid a hundred bucks to get the new e-book of XYZ and you did not save it elsewhere than on your harddisk.

A defect on your harddisk, a windows-crash or a simple virus that infected your computer , can make this horror-vision come true. So be prepared and save your data (login information/book- marks, important e-mails, articles your wrote or recent news- letters and e-books) to a portable disk or write it onto a CD-Rom.

Do this in regular time intervals (e.g. every Saturday) and you will be on the safe side.

About the Author

Detlev Reimer has just finished creating his first product, a database program for Internet marketers which will help you to save and organize e.g. your advertising, customer and contact data. For further details, please visit : . Sign up for his newsletter at .

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