The 25 Deadly Sins For Your Internet Marketing Website

by Detlev Reimer

Content Is KING !

If you create a website, be sure to have valuable content you can offer. Try to find facts which cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. It can be a lot of hard work, but if you can deliver unique content, you will certainly have visitors which will appreciate this.

Especially, having dozens of banners at your homepage should be avoided. This is like to say to someone on the street : "Give me all your money". Your visitor has not intended to come to your website to make you money but to find valuable content he can profit from.

Be Decent With Your Ads

Of course, this should not refrain you from making money with your website, but it has to be more decent than blinking banners everywhere on your page. One banner, a sponsor, should be enough for one page.

Once you have finished your pages and uploaded them to your webspace, be sure to check everything online as well. Often, the links work on your local computer but if you want to access it on the net, pages cannot be found, graphics are not loaded, links lead to nowhere-land, forms do not work correctly etc. ... etc.

Check Every Link Online

Most of the times this is due to the fact that links are automatically set to your local directories and not to your URL. So make sure, you test every link online as well, especially the spelling of your link names. This is a very common source for faults and testing is something I would really recommend.

Test The Functionality Of Your Forms

If you have forms on your web site, test the functionality with your own contact information and e-mail address first. Nothing is more annoying to your visitors than if they want to contact you through the form you deliver and then nothing happens or they get an error message. This doesn't have to be that way.

25 Deadly Sins For Your Internet Marketing Website

  1. Your page has so many advertisements on it that your content is hidden
  2. Background sound is played in a loop and cannot be switched off and takes ages to load...
  3. Your visitors get confused by too many links on your home- page
  4. Incoming e-mails are answered after more than 3 days
  5. Links cannot be recognized as being links
  6. Letting the visitor guess what comes next if they click on a link (Text like: ...more or page)
  7. Hiding your links within the text so that they only can be found by placing the mouse over it (it becomes a hand...)
  8. Using more than 6 different colors for your basic design
  9. Visitors have to guess which submenu they are in
  10. Many spelling errors in your body copy
  11. Nothing for FREE on your site
  12. Forced registration on your first page or no content available...
  13. Your page takes 2 or 3 minutes to load ... most people will interrupt it
  14. Using wrong fonts (use fonts which are installed on YOUR computer only)
  15. Showing the same picture but name them differently. By doing this, it cannot be taken from your browser cache to speed up the loading time of your page
  16. No cross-browser test; your site looks excellent on the Internet Explorer but...
  17. Scaling your graphics only by width and height attributes of your HTML-code instead of making your graphics smaller/bigger
  18. Headlines as gifs instead of text; search engines will ignore them and your loading time will increase
  19. Using dozens of blinking elements and marquee-fonts on your pages
  20. No unique content, just rehashed material from other web- sites
  21. "Ugly" pages; colors which don't fit together, backgrounds which make your text very hard to read
  22. Pages which have no "exit", no links which lead you back to your starting page
  23. Choosing a hard to remember name for your website, you want to be found, don't you ?
  24. Wrong prices for your articles
  25. Choosing slow ISP's

+ Forgetting to have fun! Don't take everything too serious ;-)

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