The Marketing Secret To Page Rank (PR)

by Anthony Parsons

Since Google implemented PR, the link popularity consortiums have gone crazy. PR, PR, PR, that's all that anyone seems to be focused upon. Did someone forget about what makes the WWW? Freedom of information, not how big my PR is. So, what is the big secret about PR and just how do you obtain that high six and above? Its called, a great website! That's it, no more, no less. Anyone who has a great website, with information that others find useful, exciting and refreshing, will generally have a high PR. Why? Because its an informative website that people like and will happily spend their time browsing. Often, browsing leads to spending.

If people like your website, simply because the information and content appeals, users will link to your website just because they like it; not because it is made from flash or has some unbelievable design to it. That should be your focus with any website. So, what is marketing then? Stay with me for a second. Definition of marketing is; the promotion and selling of products and services! The definition of marketeer is; a person who sells goods or services in a market. Now with that in hand, your website is a MARKETPLACE. The definition of marketplace is; a competitive or commercial arena. How does that grab you? A competitive or commercial arena is why you need to have a website that stands out from the crowd.

Everyone is providing something; whether for free or with some cost involved. All are exchanging information, or selling products or services. They are all aimed to appeal to your senses, keep you browsing or finally buying, well some anyway. If your competition has a very informative website, then you need to have more information and something new that enhances the product, service or information. The free thing is well overdone on the Internet and doesn't appeal to many anymore. People are not stupid. They want quality information and value for money. That is the bottom line of any successful business focus these days, not just dollars and cents.

If you can make a website that attracts interest, then you will gain a good PR. You can reciprocate links and pay for inclusion until the cows come home, but if nobody is visiting, then all of your efforts are for nothing. You can have the best PR and still not rank well. On the other hand, you can have very little PR, and still rank like a champion within the search engines because people are staying upon your website and visiting often for more information. It must be said, that a high PR will not happen overnight. With lots of work, exposure and time it will happen. Good information and good marketing will bring many visitors, converting into sales and/or a quality website sustaining a great Page Rank.

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