Why Purchase Search Engine Optimization

by Anthony Parsons

Well that's easy, so your website can actually be seen by users within search engines when relevant key terms to your website, business or product are being searched. If your website is not ranking in the top 20 for actual keywords being searched on the engines, then you definitely require search engine optimisation immediately.

It is fact that 85% of visitors to a website will come from search engines. It is also fact that over 90% of users rarely go past the first twenty results, first two pages, from search engines. It has been statistically proven that users will generally change search engines before sifting past the first two pages.

From this you can start to imagine the lost revenue and exposure that your business and website is suffering. Search engine optimisation is like a well-marketed television advertisement, your business is placed in front of the most appropriate maturity audience at a given time to achieve the best return on investment. You would not place your television advertisement about "house renovations" in the morning during the cartoons for example. This type of advertisement would be marketed during programs that are relevant to that subject. The same is achieved through professional website optimisation. A professional SEO will ensure your website appears where it can be seen at the most appropriate times. For example, when a search for "home renovation" or similar is searched, your website would then appear on the front page of a search engine. Your website will not appear when "cartoon" is entered into a search engine for example.

You have to look at Internet advertisement like this, with Billions of Websites floating aimlessly, thousands or hundreds of which are in direct competition with your website, all fighting for the front two pages of a search engine. Only a professional SEO will know how to gain that extra advantage to ensure your website can maintain a constant high ranking. Ensure you utilise a professional SEO, and I mean shop around, as a hit and miss job is no good when all your competition are continually attempting to rank over the top of your business.

I achieve steady top 20 ranking for my clients as most professional SEO do. It always depends on the market your targeting to how many visitors you will see, but try not to look at optimisation as just improving your throughput, as the actual aim is to achieve targeted throughput that will buy your products or service. The numbers game is not really for any website on the Internet, even though many play that angle, as each website is unique in content which is only required to be viewed when searched for that type of information, product or service.

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