Get Organized.

by Paul Hegarty

Why should you get organized? Getting organized gives you the ability to achieve balance in your life. Getting organized allows you to see what you are doing and how much time you spend doing it. Getting organized will help you to relieve stress because you will know where you stand. Getting organized will give you the opportunity to achieve your goals. Getting organized will help you to deal with challenges with ease. We are busy people these days and getting organized can give us more time.

To start to get organized allot some time to sit down and plan. If you keep running around like a dog chasing its tale you will never get organized. So let’s begin with one hour. In this hour we are going to start to devise a plan. I would rather call the plan an outline so as to allow for flexibility. Start your plan with how you start your day Monday through Sunday. To initiate this rather than writing down what you would like to do, for the first week just keep a diary and see what you are actually doing.

Once we have established how we spend our week then we can begin to start to organize it. Remember we have an outline so we allow for flexibility. In the mornings if I find myself jumping out of bed running to the bathroom and skipping out the door to work, well than I would ask myself can I get up a little earlier? Secondly If I come home and jump straight in front of the TV, then could I allot some time to organizing or cleaning my room. On Saturday I sleep in a few hours, could I get up earlier and set some goals?

As I said we have an outline. We do not want to become so organized that you have no spontaneity, no freedom of movement. We just want to get to our desired destinations. We want to be healthy and have a clear mind. When we look for something we want to be able to find it. Keep it simple. If you deviate then readjust and most of all get it done.

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Paul Hegarty is the owner of - your guide to creating successful Habits. The site that makes setting goals fun and easy.

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