Bit by the MLM Bug: Is There a Cure?

by Dan Hatfield

Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself or did at one time. If you’re currently involved with MLM/Network Marketing there’s a 97% chance that you’re not making a profit as you read this article. This is not a jab at the MLM industry, but rather a discussion on the core reason why people stay in for sometimes decades with no success. There are various reasons for this stunning statistic, but what is more stunning is the fact that so many people continue on investing time and money despite the tremendous failure rate. Why is this? I’ve found this phenomenon best described as “being bit by the MLM Bug.”

This best describes the masses of people who continue on in MLM even though they have no actionable plans to enhance their current success. It is fueled by “ever-existent hope” that someday the business will take off, they’ll get lucky, or they’ll eventually figure it out. They don’t want to give up on the dream that mlm builds so they stick with it. And what other perceived potential hope can one hold onto where the payoff outweighs the cost so significantly in the mind of the marketer?

How do you know if you’ve been bitten by the MLM Bug? Check yourself for the following symptoms:

• Continuously pouring cash into your business thinking that persistent and greater investment alone will increase the chances of the magic pay day. • Moving from company to company, constantly seeking out the greener grass or breakthrough product that “everyone” will need. • Going in and out of involvement in your business believing that “now” will be the right time. • Add to the list as you see fit.

So what’s the cure to the MLM Bug Bite? Basically, it comes down to sustainable motivation, consistent action and the right action tied in with proper training. In short, doing what works and what’s proven to work through market tested and proven strategies. Most MLMer’s don’t realize that if they’re using strategies that are not market tested, then they are the market test. As a result of not taking the right actions they become frustrated with results, but still don’t want to give up on the dream that’s injected by the MLM Bug Bite.

About the Author

Dan Hatfield is the co-founder of Power Filter Page and author of the Free Newsletter, “MLM Promoting Tips.” Power Filter Page is a prospect filtering tool for network marketers allowing them to increase profits, leverage time, and see success in their businesses. To subscribe for Free to the MLM Promoting Tips Newsletter and claim your Free Report, "Secrets of Effective Network Marketing," go here now

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