How To Promote Your Home Business With Ebooks

by BB Lee

It's a fact! Giving away e-books is one of the easiest ways to promote your business online.

Many online entrepreneurs will agree. They've proven this time and time again with their own marketing efforts.

It's surprising that many new entrepreneurs do not know this easy and free marketers secret. So, listen closely, here's the inside scoop:

Many successful online marketers discovered early in their career they could easily write a brief e-book on an interesting subject. Within the e-book they could include links back to their website, their affiliate programs, along with info about their business. Soon they learned this marketing tactic reached thousands of potential customers without even spending a penny on advertising.

Here's How!

They simply encouraged the readers to download the e-book and give copies to their friends, family, or online associates. Everyone!

This is free viral marketing that is catching on like wild fire across the Internet!


Because it works fast! After using this advertising method you will see an immediate increase in website traffic. And of course more traffic will lead to more customers, more sales, more profits.

So, you're wondering how to get started? What to write about? Write about anything you think would interest your targeted audience.

The information must be unique and of course valuable. Don't fill your e-book with zillions of links back to your affiliate program or raves about your business. You want fresh, unique, information that will capture the readers attention and motivate them to visit your website. You certainly should avoid turning them off with blatant sales pitches within the covers of your e-book before they are familiar with your website or business.

Subjects that quickly capture readers attention might include money topics, frugal methods, starting a business, time management, success tips. And I am sure you can think of at least a dozen more.

Open your text editor. Jot down several areas you would like to cover on a topic you know about and label these topics your chapters. Make your giveaway e-book brief, unique, informative.

Here's a great free text editor:
Note Tab Light 4.95

Download one of the free e-book software programs and put your prepared notes into a simple e-book format by following the programs instructions.

Visit for free e-book or trial e-book software to test run.

On each page of the e-book place a link back to your website or affiliate programs. Be subtle no blatant advertising.

Include your copyright notice. Ex. Money Management Today by AA Writer (C)2003

And also include a note that the e-book may be distributed for free in it's original form only.

Now, upload your e-book to your website. Offer it to all your website visitors. Send emails to ezine editors about your new e-book. Ask permission to send it to them for distribution to their readers.

And don't forget to submit your brand new e-book to the popular e-book directories.

Here's a few to get started.

Imagine, your e-book might be read by thousands across the Internet. And if they like your e-book, they will click the link to your website to find out more about your business.

Talk about viral marketing and promotion! The possibilities are unlimited!

This is an excellent way to get name recognition for your business, increase website traffic, make more affiliate revenue. Try it! It's totally free and easy.

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