RP Promotion Strategy

by Pavel Lenshin

You must be asking what does RP mean? I won't tear your curiosity apart until the end of the publication as hypnotic marketing teaches. It is Recurring Passive promotion and let me ask you, do you want to get outstanding promotion results, while sipping favorite Cocktail on the couch? You betcha!

Now let me put a little cloud of disappointment in the blue sky of your promotional pleasure. We will have to spend some time on creating our "salesteam" first to make it work for us afterwards, so you will be able to do whatever you want knowing that your business/product is consistently being promoted for you.

I don't speak about hiring marketing or advertising department to promote your online business, it would be expensive enough. Better leave that practice to those Dot.coms that report each year about Internet collapse.

What we will do is cheap, yet ten times more effective. It is a market dream come true, although for it is time consuming efforts at the beginning, 80% of small home based operators didn't, don't and won't do it. That is another reason, why the effect of that "salesteam" will be tremendous in comparison with other "easy to achieve" marketing methods, like 5 bucks classified ezine ad.

The more self-discipline in "salesteam creating" process you put, the faster your desired result will be achieved. That rule is so obvious, yet not carried out by a lot of people, including me. One fellow marketer will have perfect "salesman" in a week, while for another one it will become a never-ending tale.

Now I'm literally feeling the second bursting question you want to ask me. What is the "salesteam"? Do you really want to know the most guarded secret of all marketing gurus? The hidden truth of their million dollar profits? Ok, that is Viral Marketing! I know you've heard that 100 and 1 time, but don't blame me, the most guarded marketing secret of all times and nations is that there is No Marketing Secret :0)

Before going any further let me point to two main features that determine PR Promotion strategy, very close, but a little bit broader than the "classic" viral marketing meaning. They are characterized by:

If, for instance, you paid money for ezine solo ad and get 3 sales, in order to produce 30 sales you will have to order that solo ad for 10 times (in practice much more, because of marketing "depletion" effect). This is everything, but astute promotion, which is based on one-time deed with never ending results.

In the above case, you should order solo ad to promote your free valuable, say, traffic report or sales letter with a compulsory URL to your web-site, positioning you as a traffic or sales letter expert. Your info product will thus rapidly spread over the net, generating you much more than 3 sales. It is hard to imagine what will happen if you offer 30-50% commission for publishers to give your product away for free.

You have also probably heard hundred times about recurring passive income. The example above describes Recurring Passive Promotion that means that your company, product/service is going to be automatically promoted by a "salesteam", consisting of:

  1. Info products: eBooks, Reports, Brochures, Email courses, Audio, Video files, Web-site template and so forth.
  2. Auto or semiauto software applications and programs.
  3. Partners, clients or subscribers.

In fact, RP Promotion is a foundation of RP Income that is the main desired target to any online marketer to achieve financial freedom. Below we will look a little bit closely on each promotional instrument. Note that they are perfect instruments or tools if you wish, but it is the craftsman who creates art, not the tools themselves.

Info products

Do you follow number #1 rule of all marketing gurus that is "Money is in the list"? If you do, you can use your list, i.e. ezine, newsletter to easily compile an info product from the materials, mainly articles or tips that previously were written for your issues. That means that not only do you constantly profit from the list, but expanding your profits by promoting your list. In practice it will look like subscribe sign up box on one of the welcome pages of your free ebook, report etc.

As I have already shown in the example above, it may be any kind of beneficial for target market template with permission to use it for free, remaining your small URL at the end intact. It may be audio file coming with the electronic brochure. There are really unlimited variants of creating powerful and valuable, yet totally free RP "promoters" or "salesmen".

Stage two is to make your "salesteam" of info products work. That task may only be accomplished under the total absence of such artificial barrier as seller's money thirst. Don't be tempted by quick earning potential. Your main task is to launch a word of mouth tornado that will bring much more long-term profits. So start giving away your report, ebook, everything you can to interested web-site visitors or subscribers. Avoid including numerous banners or affiliate links also, nothing can irritate more than such stuff, especially the feeling of understanding that the only reason I got that, say, report was to make me buy something. It is hard to give away for free what you've spent several weeks to create, but it will repay ten times. Remember RP Promotion is a fundamental long-term development strategy, there is no place for "quick bucks".

Your main focus should be not the Money, but sharing Valuable Information and providing Specific Solution, related to the sphere of your expertise. The more value you give away, the more people will read it, the more subscribers, clients and partners you will have.

Auto or semiauto software applications and programs

Software! Efficient small info business is impossible to run without software programs. They are our "angels" that help in our difficult everyday routine business life, but not only that. They are also capable of automatically promoting our business with no or very little effort for our part, so it is a crime not to include them into our "promotion team" review. Once set up they could:

Take note that we are speaking about Recurring Passive Promotion methods only. Software programs can do 1 million things more, but we point to what tasks they can passively accomplish to start rolling your viral marketing ball. Software is also the only part of the "salesteam" you should and have to spend your money on. Other promotion "staff" will be totally free in terms of money.

Now let me explain why RP Promotion is slightly broader in its meaning than viral promotion. As you know, products announcement or Safelist emailing cannot be called to be viral methods as their produced effect are short term and lack exponential results growth. The classic examples of viral marketing strategy were ebooks giveaways or free web-based email services.

RP Promotion goes further. Software announcements and submissions, taking into account, their completely non-stop automatic working "nature", still generate recurring and passive results. Once set up, we start getting short-term, but permanent and never-ending effect, until our software programs are working at the background, although, let me repeat, that promotion is not considered as viral marketing.

Partners, clients or subscribers

Being the prime source of some product or service allows you to establish mutually for you and your partners beneficial business relations. That is the best of the best tactics you should pursue in the long haul.

Here is a tip-of-the-iceberg example. It is clear that two (approximately equal) promoters are better than one. That is why huge potential of a sole promoter, who gives away several ebooks, email courses with a number of working submission software, becomes a drop in the bucket in comparison with what kind of perspective that promoter could get if there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sub-promoters working for him by giving away his free ebooks, courses etc. Even 30% or 50% commission paying will mean for the program owner one thing only - his/her profits have grown on the remaining 50%-70% of the retail price.

I've presented an example of RP Promotion, when you should order a solo ad to promote your free ebook, which, in its turn, will spread the word about your main product. Actually that was a bad tactic as well.

Astute RP Promotional strategy should comprise, ordering a solo or top sponsor ad that will promote your 1st valuable "salesman" like ebook or video file that in turn will popularize your beneficial partner/affiliate program, through which you will gain tremendous market exposure!

No, I was wrong. No need to spend money for manually ordering one-time ads. Write a salesman assistant! I mean article that will offer general public to download your free audio file! When your article is submitted to a lot of directories it will be published many times in different ezines, generating you temporal, but recurring, with each new publication, response. The more "assistants" you will have the easier it will be for your salesman - audio file - to work. "He" will be in demand, reassuring listeners in the undisputable benefits of your partner program. What is next stage? Those who don't want to become partners, but like your product, would buy it - that is one-time benefit if you stop corresponding with your clients. Those who become your partners will generate true streams of recurring passive income. That's what I call Recurring Passive Promotion strategy.

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