Residual Income Vs. One Time Sales

Which One Do YOU Prefer Residual Income, Or One Time sales?

by Andy Eaton

I know which I one I prefer, its the residual income let me explain, first off with the one time sales, you advertise like crazy lets say for a $27 product/eBook.

You finally make a sale and that's it you have just received $27 now that's it you now have to sell again which is hard to do. lets say you want to earn $5,000 you would need to sell 185 products/ebooks just to earn the $5,000.

It could even take you one year or more to sell that many it might take less, it depends on your marketing efforts.

Now lets move on to residual income which basically means you will receive money every month for life.

Say you have a membership site that your promoting and you get $10 per month for every member you refer, say you refer 100 members you would receive 100x$10=$1000 just for referring those 100 members.

Now this is were it gets interesting, remember those 100 people who you sponsored as long as they remain a paying member you will receive $10 per member for LIFE.

Here are a few statistics to show you how powerful this concept is:

one time sale =$27

residual income =$10

Even though you earned $17 more from the one time sale you actually didn't because every month you will get $10 from that same member you sponsored.

$10x12 months = $120

Remember that $120 is only for 1 member what if you referred 100, 1000, or more

100x$10 = $1000 per month

1000x$10 = $10,000 per month

$1000 per month = $12,000 per year

$10,000 per month = 120,000 per year

so let me ask you again which one do you prefer?

There are countless number of membership sites out there just find one that you like and offers a good income.

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