In Today's Context why should one wear Rudraksha ?

by Swami Paramanand

Rudraksha unlike other forms of healing objects gives effect only if sanctified using Beeja mantras or panchakshar mantra " Namah Shivaya". Unless blessed by the respective God which the Rudraksha represents , it would not give full effects except the Bio medical effects. Therefore spiritual level of Rudraksha should never be undermined.

Rudraksha is a healing bead with divine characteristics proven over several thousand years of our culture, From Lord Shiva Himself all spiritual and great personalities have adorned themselves with rudraksha and with the benefits that people of modern age have derived from these , Rudra Centre has hundreds of testimonials from all over the world . It is beyond any doubt that this powerful bead has the potential to become a powerful tool to overcome stress and to combat fear.

As regards to the scientific or intellectual explanations other than related to faith or traditional wisdom , following explanations should be considered as basic parameters for the use of Rudraksha.

It brings us close to the Nature. "Rudraksha" is seed of a fruit from Rudraksha tree. Trees represent nature hence if the seed closely touches our body , we become one with nature, Like what all other animal kingdom does.

Feeling of Universal being is created. Rudraksha mala is also called Aksha mala . All letters (Akshars) of Sanskrit language are based on sounds and we all know that Lord Shiva's musical instrument Damaru created he Pratyahars and from these 50 letters were generated. The Akshar name given to letters denotes that letters Akshar like sounds can not be destroyed. The Rudraksha seeds in a mala (also called Aksha mala) represent these sounds and a feeling of belongingness to cosmos is perceived by wearing it and a person wearing Rudraksha represents a a part of cosmos .

Accupressure - good for heart . Constant stimulation of heart muscles by beads having smooth yet protruded surface keeps the blood pressure under control and hence it is considered good for the heart.

Watchful eye of Lord Shiva - Rudra-Aksha means eye of Shiva. If one wears Rudraksha he/she is under protection of watchful eyes of Lord Shiva.

Biomedical benefits - The Bio-Medical and electro-magnetic properties of Rudraksha are well known and scientifically proven and will give benefits to the body by improving their functions and keeping the diseases at bay. Like Neem , Tulsi, Haldi and other herbal products , Rudraksha is being evaluated wordwide by leading research laboratories and we should preserve our cultural heritage by accepting the traditional beliefs.

Blessings of different Gods - Different mukhi Rudraksha have their respective Gods as Pradhan Devatas from Lord Surya, Hanuman, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga and Kartikya and of course Lord Shiva himself , and by wearing them we get blessings of all of them.

Planetary blessings - Each of the mukhi rudrakha have their own ruling planet. 10 mukhi and 11 mukhi are beyond any planetary configuration. Hindu astronomers consider 14 galactical cosmos (14 Bhuwans) and therefore Rudraksha has all the blessings of Planetary Gods.

Confession of one's sins and for fearless life - If a human being wants to restart his life after committing a sin , where does he/she go? All of our epics on Rudraksha describe the potentiality of each mukhi rudraksha acting as divine objects before whom we can confess our sin and restart a fresh life free of regrets and remorse. Probably that is the reason why Rudraksha are considered to be relievers of stress and strain of life .

Spiritual Significance - Compared to any other mala, a Rudraksha mala for Jap and Sadhana is most auspicious. For enhancing spirituality and attaining Riddhi and Siddhi at all levels, Rudraksha is the most effective medium

Rudraksha is a Upa-Guru - If you have not found a Guru so far or even if have a Guru, Rudraksha will act like your Upa-Guru or a teacher substitute to show you the path and enlighten you to reach higher levels of wisdom and karma. .

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Swami Paramanand Rudra Centre Free Rudraksa Recommendation from Rudra Centre at India Based Website .

About the Author

I am Swami Paramanand from India . We work on distributing the holy Rudraksha and other holy meditation items for spiritual empowerment . I would like to contact people who are in this path to exchange knowledge for the good of all concerned.

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