How to Use 'Free' in Advertising

by Burt Howard

"Buy Product X - receive $1000 in FREE Bonuses!" Most of the advertisement in the Internet seems to work on this basis. Buy something - get lots of bonuses with high value. Or at least you let the potential buyer feel like that. Does it work? Sure - it wouldn't be used if it didn't. But for whom? Not for me.

Free is the secret weapon of advertisement. Offer something free and get people interested. Ok, works well and is good - but you should be careful how to use it. Don't over do it! I have seen many pages which over do this BIG TIME. Click! Next site. I'm serious. Maybe it works for the American market but not everywhere. If you are satisfied reaching only the American consumer (and maybe not even all of them..) and missing out on all the others (which thanks to Internet ARE at your reach easily), that's your choice. But then you are ignoring millions of potential customers. Why not try to reach them too? You can't please everyone, but with simple adjustments you might just reach more people - and make more sales.

It's said that the master marketer can step into the shoes of the potential buyer. You can imagine how they feel and think when they reach your page. Well, the game gets tougher here - there are cultural dimensions in marketing. Most marketing guides and tips that I have read concentrate ONLY on one type of marketing. And that's offering free this and that - more extra bonuses, more and more. You should know that it doesn't work for all. Do it well, don't over do it - then you succeed. Find balance. This way you won't be pushing away half of the world. It's well worth studying the basics of different business cultures - the do's and don't 's of them. And then find a way in the middle. Offering free bonuses is one example - it seems like an excellent marketing tool (and it is, if used correctly) but it can turn against you.

A big long list of free bonuses makes some people feel that you are trying to cheat them. How, you may ask? Maybe the product you offer isn't as good as you claim. Maybe it isn't worth the money you ask for it. Maybe the bonuses are only a cover-up and your way to get the price higher (and you make the potential customer think that they are free..). Ask yourself.. are they? Is the product enough good to sell on its own? If not - maybe it 's better to get some better product! Bonuses should only be bonuses - not a trick. They should make the customer feel that you are offering the quality - not just something extra. This way you'll end up having more customers.

Free is a powerful marketing tool. But you should know how to use it that you'll reach more people. You should be honest. Making something look more valuable than it is can be a big turn-off for many. Offer bonuses but don' t make them superior to you product (or the affiliate product). Don't underestimate your potential customer.

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