Are You Swiftly Killing YOUR Financial Future? 
by Harmony Major © 1999-2000 All Rights Reserved 

Don't get defensive, and don't become offended by the points made in this article -- this is meant to HELP you. So if you're ready to learn how to avoid a common marketing faux pas, then put on your thinking cap and let's get to work! :)

And, what's this suicide marketing "no-no" that's could be killing your profits? That would be...


Yep, you heard right. Get your complimentary barf bags from that overhead compartment -- you'll need 'em for this one. Are you sick of hearing the same dried-up clichés over and over again in sales letters, ads, and every day business talk? You know, the ones loaded with overused phrases like:

"It's a WIN/WIN situation!"

"Houston ... we have a problem."

"It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings."

"Drive your hit counter CRAZY!"

And so on. If you're not sick to death of the lack of originality displayed at every turn, you soon will be. It makes me think,

"Uh oh ... here we go again! Just another marketing know-it-all that thinks (s)he's hot stuff because (s)he's learned a 'popular' catch phrase."

I guess some people say,

"Everyone else uses it, so it MUST be okay!"

Uhhhgggghhh ... Gag me with a spoon!

I mean, really. Aren't YOU fed up with all of the "FREE" this and "NOW!" that, "SKYROCKET" this and "BOOST" that? BE ORIGINAL, for goodness sakes. Whether you're willing to believe it or not, this can be affecting your advertising and sales results in a very bad way. And what's worse, some of our International business people or newer clientele may not have a clue as to what these clichés even mean.

And what about:

"This DUMB little ad..."

Oh? If it's so dumb, why the heck were people using it? That ad was plastered all over the Internet, and quickly became ineffective for that reason. These people should have gotten a clue AND a THESAURUS. If you're worried that using a thesaurus isn't "modern" enough, you might try ;-)  [ Recommends GuruNet for a quick reference thesaurus]

Are YOU still assassinating your financial future with this one often-overlooked marketing "no-no?" If so, this is your fair warning. Sure ... SOME of those overused, washed-out clichés may still be working, but for how long? I know it may be tempting, but don't let the Internet and all its splendor overtake you. One quick remedy is to come up with your OWN catch phrase.

It's simple, really.

Create your own metaphor that's easily applicable to the type of business you're in. Can't think of a new one that 'tickles your fancy?' Then try thinking of a well-known saying that ISN'T used commonly in your industry. My own personal saying is:

"Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect two-hundred dollars."

You probably know that phrase is well-known to Monopoly players all over the world, but NOT in business. You can apply it to anything you don't want your listener or reader to do, just as you would any of the less original sayings you hear every day.

But, 'if push comes to shove' ... just don't use one. ;-) They can cloud your message, and it can make you seem less than creatively inclined. You've been warned -- now it's up to you.

Good luck.


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